Monday, June 20, 2011

Tri If You Dare

Last year on a Friday night at the community pool in mid-June, Isaac asked the purpose of all those newly assembled fences and metal structures (bike racks) in the parking lot.  We told him about the kids' triathlon that would take place 2 days later.  He did a quick personal inventory:  
1.  I'm 5 (the youngest eligible age)
2.  I can run
3.  I can bike
4.  I can swim 
came to a typically confident conclusion:
I can WIN!

He asked to enter, and a few minutes later snagged one of the last 2 spots.  Mom and Dad invested time in packet pick-up, sprucing up the bike, and early morning bike and helmet placement in "transition" and body numbering.  Isaac had so much fun running, biking, swimming and winning (he "placed" in his division) with his peers, that this summer his lobbying to participate began much sooner.

Unlike some 6 year olds, he hadn't grown into a larger bike yet, and Grandma wondered if he would feel as happy after this triathlon, since Isaac - or his team - comes in first in all his imaginary competitions, and placing second in one's first real triathlon sets the real-life achievement pretty high to top.   

Four waves of older runners with longer distances to cover started before the 5-6 year old boys and girls.  After some warm up stretches and basic instruction in pacing themselves and bike riding/passing etiquette, they were OFF!   

Jockeying for position

Finishing up the run, headed into "T-1" (first transition), to secure helmet and hop on bike (with 16" wheels :-)

Slowing down at the end of the bike to take the sharp corner and smile at Dad and Grandma.

Drop the bike and helmet in transition (T-2) and run with all your might to overtake  

and pass the runner just ahead of you on the way to the pool.  After witnessing that effort, Grandma wonders if you have any strength left for the swim.

Just...a little...farther...gasp

A quick look back at "the competition" before exiting the pool.

OK, now to the FINISH LINE!
(What fun to see 2 small arms raised high in triumph of achievement as he reaches the end :-)

After several worried minutes of searching for his family, endorphin enriched triathlete is happy to show his medal and share his story.   

Waiting to hear the results of the races and the winner of the bike give-away.

Boy, its hot out here.  I wish the lifeguards would let me play in the splash pad.

Another "glory story" to fuel a young boy's imagination in the coming year. 


Amber said...

I love the re-telling of the event and the photos make me smile ear to ear!!!! Way to go Isaac

Unknown said...

What a great experience! Thanks for sharing it.