Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Needing more of this...

Man, I'm tired. So glad today is a rest day. The body needs to be doing better than the 6 hr/night I averaged over the last 8 days (all training days). I move that we insert a new 26 hr day. Or maybe just work 40-hr weeks (there's an idea).

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up

I'm going to try to start doing this partially to keep track, and partially to serve as accountability.
Lift: 2 sessions (~1:10)
Swim: 6500 yds (~2:00)
Bike: 78 mi. (~4:00)
Run: ~19 mi (2:50)
Total Training Time: 10 hours
The nice part is, I don't really feel all that shelled. I rather expected I would. However, I do need to get more sleep. Looks as if caffeine might have to take a back seat once again.
I'm noticing more and more how difficult it is to keep things in balance. This really has to be my free time when I'm not with friends/family if I'm going to do it. Oh well, I didn't miss the College World Series that much. It is funny how the importance of some things you used to care about fades away as you do things more important.
Time to wrap this up. I'd like to do a segment on the bike fit I got two weeks ago (forward seatpost, new angle, etc) and how I feel coming out of it, so look for that.
To close, I'll leave you a quote from Frank Shorter to get you fired up:
"You don't run 26 miles at 5 minutes a mile on good looks and a secret recipe."