Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tri Indy RR - DNS

That's Did. Not. Start. I've had better days.

I stayed in Louisville last night with Mike and Katy (thanks guys). I had to get up early and drive to Indy at about 4 am. No worries, I got some coffee, cruised on up and arrived in plenty of time at around 6 am. Check in and body marking was a breeze. Then I got my transition area set up and walked back to the car. After some body-glide application, the last thing to do before walking to the swim start was put the keys away. I crouched down to slide them out of sight and felt and heard a familiar click. This happened in January. I tried to stay calm as I stood up, hoping I could get whatever it is that goes awry to go back to right before the race. Trying to relax and stretch it didn't work. A bounce home test was also negative.

Hence, I had to gimp over to Transition, get my bike and turn in my timing chip. The drive home sucked and it was painful. The knee still hasn't come back to normal. Last time it took about a day and a half with some PT, so I'm going to keep stretching it out and working on it, just hoping for the best. Frustrating day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The weather is great and climbing is getting better.

You see that big dip and then 300+ ft of climbing (really steep climbing)? That's called Ford-Hampton road. And it hurts. I haven't ever breathed that hard on a bike. Though it should make Indy feel extremely flat. Only like max 30 ft of elev gain on any single hill and there aren't too many. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Race Time!'s been a long time coming (per the norm), but it's time now to do a bit of racing. I had been planning on doing the Tri Fall Creek Falls in Pikeville, TN, but it was a bit more expensive and the INDY race seemed like a better idea for travel and logistics.

A few things I'm excited about going into this race include
1. The canal swim through downtown (see picture below) and getting back in my wetsuit.
2. Testing some swim fitness just to see how I'm doing.
3. Working on that dreaded T1 that I have (Shoes on bike, running start and hammer).
4. Seeing how much I can push on the bike and still run well (no speed guarantees or goals besides go hard.
5. Suffering through the run and pushing as hard as I can for the last 5k.

The weather is looking good in Indianapolis on Sunday. I tend to do well with cloudy weather and cooler temperatures.

The excitement is back and I'm looking forward to it.