Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 Turkey Trot Notes

This second year of The Cullum Family participating in the St. Petersburg Times Turkey Trot in Clearwater saw a few changes, all of them good:
  • The commemorative race shirts were made out of dri-fit material, so we can actually use them for running this coming year! They are BRIGHT blue with a cartoon turkey so loud you can easily spot us if we should get lost in the wilderness. Perhaps Michelle will add a photo of the kids in their shirts.
  • Amber, now a Cullum, was visiting with Sam for the week, and also ran - hooray!
  • Michelle and Prema did the 5k rather than the 1 mile they ran last year. Michelle, of course, ran a 5k as part of her sprint triathlon in October, but this was the first time Prema had completed 3.2 miles!
  • David probably had the hardest workout, walking the 5k while pushing Eli in the double stroller and carrying Isaac (who wasn't feeling well) on his shoulders for most of the trot.
  • Sandy bettered her 2007 time by almost 5 minutes - yaay!
  • There were even more bands/instrumental ensembles of all varieties along the race route than last year - definitely a fun part of the race.
  • We all headed to Kyle & Michelle's after the run for a great post-race breakfast of pancakes and omelets.

This was the 30th year of our local turkey trot. I ran the 10k once when the boys were pre-schoolers and puked at the finish line. These past two years have definitely been more fun :-) and worth scheduling into our family celebrations of giving thanks.