Friday, July 27, 2007

Le Tour de France

I'm torn about all these dopers getting caught. Don't get me wrong, I think the tour would be much better au natural, but how much of the peloton is actually dope-less? I'd like to think that it's a high percentage, but if you are not competing without the EPO (or whatever it is), what other options do you have? It would take some pretty high morals to be clean if the majority of your peers are not, in fact, clean.

Also, how slow will the TDF be next year after they get all the dopers? Which brings me to my question of whether or not all the dopers can be caught. The testing seems like a fairly inexact science. For example, with Lance, his 'A' sample came up clean, but the 'B' sample had something in it. And sometimes, the 'A' sample will be positive, but the 'B' sample will be clean. I won't claim any sort of understanding behind the science, but it seems like a bit of a witch-hunt at times. That and I'm sure that there are some creative dopers that will figure out how to get around the testing.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeling Dirty

So I've been wearing speedos underneath my longer shorts for a while now while swimming. The issue is that the longer shorts are starting to wear out and get really thin. I was in the midst of a swim this morning and the looseness of the material finally had me fed up. I stopped after a 100, and promptly whipped off the longer shorts, leaving me but a skimpy piece of material between myself and complete nakedness. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but I must say, after swimming a few hundred yards, it all became clear to me. It's friggin' awesome! who doesn't like feeling almost naked while swimming? I'm not gonna lie, I put the long shorts back on before walking into the locker room, but this could be the beginning of a trend. This is scary, I feel like I'm one of them now.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Is a Strict Diet Worthwhile?

I've been thinking a lot about diet these past days. Mostly, I've been wondering if my fitness level would go up if I was on a diet I actually attempted to control what I eat. I currently assume that I can put pretty much anything into my mouth given the amount I'm working out. I know this is a bad assumption, but I do it anyway 'cause I like to eat! Currently, I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, which seems pretty good for me. I eat the occasional fish/seafood, and am considering throwing in other meats every so often for the protein.

My biggest concern is probably the way I eat after I get back from a long run--my body seems to be telling me to eat sugar, and I comply. My energy level is quickly up after an ice cream sandwich or two, and every so often a popsicle. What would be a more healthy option to get the energy levels up quickly and sustainably?

Is anyone very strict with what they eat? If so, when you got on the diet was there a noticeable change in energy level?

Also, wondering what everyone else is training for. I'm doing the Chicago Marathon at the beginning of October.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A tasty morsel...Sam is Scared (and kind of excited too)

Take a look at week 6 of the 1/2 ironman training program I'm doing. Yeesh, that's between 14 and 14.5 hours of training in 6 days. I think you can do that math. I need to sleep a lot more than I currently am. Oh well, at least I'll be prepared, right?

sore butt

I have ridden to and from work since tuesday afternoon, which is (4) 7.5 mile trips. My butt hurts, and it's not the butt meat, its the bones under there. and I've been wearing some biking shorts too. so what can be done about this?

Encouragement, Collaboration, and Diplomacy

In an effort to make this less about me, and more about working together for balance, I've decided to invite some other people to participate in this blog.
This was, in fact, the original intent. There were supposed to be 2 authors, preparing for a marathon and talking about how the journey of fitness has mimicked, influenced, or informed their lives. That didn't happen, but the other author has been re-invited to take part.
There aren't really any rules, so to speak, other than keep it clean, and encourage each other.
We currently have on the list of invitees to author a wide spectrum of abilities, goals, and purposes in exercise. At least two people are training for marathons, one for a half-ironman, some are simply trying to be healthy, lose some weight, cope with the stresses of life, the stresses of chasing kids around...
If you'd like to participate, just post it in the comment section and we'll get back to you. For the other authors, if you'd like to update the look of the site with links and pictures, feel free. If you can't do it, let me know, and we'll figure out a way.
In the meantime, get to contributing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Draft Legal IM?

Found this photo on xtri today. Footage is from IM Lake Placid. Seriously, people, I like drafting as much as the next guy on a group ride or when you're having a hard day, but a bit of self-respect might be warranted...

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Working toward consistency. The base is not built by huge days or weekends, but by the slow grind. Consistency of effort, diligence, and rest.

The focus currently is a normal schedule, and especially ramping up the volume of sleep. I've been lucky to get 6 a night for the past couple of weeks. This must change.

The tentative race schedule for right now is as follows:

Aug 11, Lexington, KY: Midsummer's Night Run (5K road race - just for fun)

Aug 18, Georgetown, KY : Lame Duck Tryathlon (Shorty sprint)

Aug 26, Springfield, OH: Buck Creek International Tri (On the drive home, we will be stopping for a bit at IM Louisville to catch a bit of the vibe-it's gonna be sweet)

Sep 16, Nashville, TN: Music City Tri (Oly distance)

Sep 23, Lexington, KY: Tri for Sight (Sprint. The local tri is important and looking forward to it)

Nov. 11, Miami, FL: The big daddy, Miami Man 1/2 Iron distance.

Some of the sprints listed might not happen, but I'd like to do all of these. The two international are B races to lead up to Miami and be prepped, leaving the last 6 weeks to build race-specific 1/2 iron fitness.

The late-season race has got my schedule off from most, who are peaking right now. It's going to take some discipline to keep my head down and just train base for a few more weeks.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yes, this is what parts of KY look like as you ride past. A quilt on a barn might be a little cheesy, but it sure is nice to be able to get out of town and be quiet for a while: nothing but you, pastures, nature and a couple of wheels.

Weekly wrap-up: here we go...

Swim: 3000 yds (55:12)
Bike: 84.17 mi (4:33:00)
Run: 14.95 mi (1:55:48)

Total: 7 hrs, 23 min

Pretty easy week. I think I'm figuring out a little bit more how to train fully today but also keep the next day in mind. The focus right now is really on consistency. If I can continue to do moderate aerobic work, it should be possible to develop a solid aerobic engine. This in turn, theoretically, should enable speed work to be more effective and profitable relative to the current state.

I was motivated today as I was at about halfway through my 46 mile ride. The bluegrass cycling club
was out with a lot of beginners and they were lucky to be pushing 10-12 mph. They were circling and going back to pick up some people who were obviously struggling. More and more, I find myself appreciating people who get out and go for it even if they aren't going to look good doing it. Who cares, right? If somebody's got a problem with you being out there, or you feel like you're overweight, or don't know what you're doing....why not just get out there and ask somebody? Here's to you, people who overcome their fears to live their lives. Cheers

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Raising the roof:
Looking forward to a bit longer bike ride tomorrow. 2.5 hours aerobic. Should be good. All about the bike. I love it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

accidental slow week (wrap-up) and miami

5:18 Total

Swim: 4000 yds (1:14)

Bike: 39.15 mi (2:28)

Run: 10.39 mi (1:24)

Lift: 0:35

Felt ok, but work and travel got in the way this last week. I'm stepping it back up this week, and hoping to get around 80-85 mi. on the bike. I need it.

I'm coming for you Miami. You better be ready. I know I will be.

Bluegrass 10K

That's yours truly in the background (green shirt). In the midst of passing these yahoos on my way to a 41:55 10000 meter road race, they yelled to people on an overpass, "Hey rich people, don't spit on us!" Hence my smile.

Avg. HR: 179

It's an odd thing when the only person to truly keep one accountable is oneself. I have few measures against myself currently. I think I could have run this race faster had I done some speedwork and focused on it leading up to the race. However, doing all the aerobic work has kept me from that. Speedy road races will be the focus next march as I'm prepping for St. Anthony's in April.