Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bugs and Money

These little schmucks are forcing me to get rid of hard-earned cash. It's impossible to get a good training ride around here without riding around horse/cattle/tobacco farms. The aesthetic quality of the rides is wonderful. Eating bugs with my eyes is not. Every morning ride I do, it's as if there's some gravitational pull toward the middle of my eye. There's no good way to remove said bug from eye until reaching destination, finding a mirror, pulling back the skin around my eye, and digging out the now eye-juice saturated black lump of organic mass. Disgusting and painful. It usually takes half an hour to stop looking like an Eastern Kentucky Oxycontin dealer with my prolific red eyes.
The solution: of course, another pair of glasses to shield the eyes. But when it's barely light outside, it's difficult to use the shaded glasses. Aaahh, the savings dwindles by another $30-$40.
I wonder if I need to buy a bug-screen for my mouth to keep them out of there? Nah, I'll just eat 'em (involuntarily) or spit them out

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ummm, ya....I'm gonna need you to come in on Sunday, ya

Callout issued: Callout answered. I'll see you Nov. 11th....MOONPIE! Man, how am I gonna get my bike down there?

Staff Response to Moonpie...(if middle fingers offend you, please don't read this)

moonpie said...
Sounds like a great training day! I think if you haven't fallen over while clipped in then you simply haven't ridden enough :PAnd YES, you do MiamiMan this year. Oh, you also need to do the Little Smokies half-iron race THIS Sunday with Erik and I! Yes, I'm calling you out punk! Bring it!!
Alright, first: Oh I've fallen over clipped in a couple times my friend. Last summer, on a work commute home, I stopped at a light, clipped out, and then leaned toward my still clipped in foot. I reached the tipping point and went right over (at a crowded intersection mind you). This description does not include the multiple times I dorfed it into the street learning how to clip in and out last summer.
And dude I told you, I'm gonna be in NY this weekend. Otherwise, I would be there rocking it. I'm disappointed I can't make it. I'm really jonesing to race, and I couldn't find one in Crapchester, NY this weekend either. Such is life.
Bill, thanks for the comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the taylorsville lake race. Pretty much anywhere in the general area around here, if you're not in town, your working hard on a bike (or run for that matter).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ahh, getting toasted and eating humble pie...

This in some ways relates to the previous post regarding time. Some would support the idea of moderate workouts most of the time supplemented with some big weekends/time off. This weekend was far from epic, but as a build, it was pretty successful. Little hard run (8.5 miles) on saturday led me to a slightly difficult sunday.

My buddy Tim just graduated from Seminary, and his brother-in-law came to town to hang out as well as to put me through the paces on a 45-mile moderately fast-paced ride in the "rolling" hill of central KY. Rolling! What a bunch of crap. Anyhow we crushed the first 1.5 hrs at an average pace of 21.5 mph, and took a quick stop to refill water and get a little bit of food in our bodies. I decided on the way back that 45 was preferable to 60 miles, so I took a "shortcut." While Quentin was definitely the fitter of us, even he was dog-cussing those ridiculously long and steep hills on KY state route 1981. Wow, I was in pain. I actually had to get out of my big ring to be able to survive. I don't normally do that either. I live in Lexington. Tim lives in Nicholasville (a slightly redneck town, but a peaceful burg nonetheless). I never thought coming into the outskirts of Nich-vegas would look so good to me. It was beautiful.

Now for the humble pie: I have yet to actually wreck on my bike. I will maintain that assertion even after yesterday. So as one is prone to do on the bike, we run a lot of stop signs, and expect people in cars (if we arrive at said 4-way stop at the same time) to let us go first. This worked great until the second to last stop sign. Quentin was leading and I was pretty close on his wheel. Dude in white truck pulls up, barely beats us to the intersection, and I think we're going for it. Quentin said afterwards that he (quentin) did not give dude the confident look, and that it was his fault. So dude goes right in front of us, and quentin locks up his brakes. I lock up mine, but my back wheel starts sliding out to the side, and I just nudge the back of quentin's wheel. I fall over, clipped in. Beautiful. So I'm on the ground and can't unclip my right foot. Picture a ladybug holding up a scaled down bicycle, writing around. I'm trying to get it undone and that bastard quentin says "are you ok?" "Ya" I say. "Are you embarrassed?" Hell yes, I'm embarrassed. Best kind of accident though, nobody's hurt, just a little bit of getting laughed at by people sitting in their cars. Oh well. Good weekend. Not really even all that sore. Guess I need to train harder.

Next: do I do the Miami Man 70.3? I just don't know. Time is tight these days.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The silent monster

The perpetual passing of time really does make it difficult to accomplish many of one's goals. How to work the currently desired 45 hours/week (not including driving time and lunch, etc), fulfill personal and spiritual obligations, maintain friendships, and also reach the level of fitness aspired to is the question.
No one here is sure, but suggestions are welcome. The idea of a 10-hr cap per week is being examined. There's apparently a method to that type of madness.
Seriously, how do you keep it all straight?