Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keep it Simple?

The trials of a triathlete are manifold: (Don't get me wrong, there's no complaining here. The simple ability to do what we do is enough to be extremely thankful for. But there are some struggles.
Namely, the temptation to gear up like a gun fanatic at a bunker. There's just so much stuff out there I want to have. Auuggh!

So you have to break it down to the things you need and be realistic about it. 1) You're not a pro; 2) Triathlon is a hobby, not the most important thing; 3) It's easier to enjoy it when you don't take yourself too seriously. So to break it down, I'm slapping some aero-bars on my road-bike, trying to find a cheap used trainer, stick with a simple stopwatch, and fight the need to get my lightweight carbon on. Keeping it simple should keep it fun and keep triathlon in its proper perspective.

Fiscal responsibility might have something to do with it as well.

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