Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why I love/hate Triathlons

A few thoughts on the moment.

The excitement surrounding it (before, during, and after)/The pain in the middle of training and racing that allows that enjoyment to come.

I began looking at some training races leading up to St. Anthony's yesterday. They're all pool swims with short bikes, but such is life pre-May in the mid-south. However, as I did it I felt myself getting all pumped up and feeling anxiety that I needed to get out and train. Previously, I had been dreading the races I wanted to do. Now I'm only looking forward to them with a sly smile. It's gonna be a good year. First on the docket. Triple Crown of Running in Louisville. Run myself back into shape and mix in some bike and swim work. Now we just need some sunshine to make the bricks easier.


Stephanie said...

Hey Sam!

Sounds like you have a good docket for the spring. Training in this weather is a challenge, isn't it? I rode outside up until a little over a week ago--my friend and I got out a mere 3.5 miles before we trusted our better judgement, turned around, and chose the hot tub over Delong Rd! :-)

Well, good luck with training. The UK pool is closed for the SEC championships through next week, but you can do Masters for the latter 1/2 of February to see if you like it. We're also spinning on MWF at Scheller's on H'burg Road. Loads of fun, but hard work!

Sam said...

I hear ya! The weather is about to break though. I need to make it to masters too, it's just difficult to drive the extra 20 minutes a day.