Saturday, January 31, 2009

New & Improved ?

I was somewhat surprised by how much my focus and determination for achieving my 2008 health and fitness goals increased when I posted them online for others to see. I thought of them numerous times throughout the year, spurred myself on by the thoughts of the end of year public "report card" and mentally checked off each item that was a single accomplishment as I did it.

  1. more water.....Grade: B I do great as long as I'm training
  2. regular flossing....Grade: B+ huge improvement - buying a metal dental pick helps
  3. regular vitamins.....Grade: C some improvement but still missing too many days
  4. more raw veggies.....Grade: B, more veggies (cooked & raw) .....Grade: A
  5. learning to use bike shoes/clipless pedals.....Grade: C I learned just in the nick of time - I had only 2 days of practice in December before I pulled/tore a muscle which has kept me off the bike for over a month, but those 2 days were enough to fall in a laughing heap on the road when I lost my balance trying to get my foot out of the pedal.
  6. swimming......Grade: A - not for speed, but for consistency of training until the pool closed for the season
  7. triathlon.....Grade: A - for training, completing and enjoying 2 sprints

Strange that even though posting the goals publicly was such a good thing for me last year, I haven't settled on any fitness goals for this year, other than to continue to improve in each of the above, and if my schedule and body cooperate, to complete an Olympic distance triathlon.

I would like to hear what health and fitness goals some of the rest of you are setting into motion for yourself for this year/season of your life....mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness count also, so young'uns and not so young'uns, please sign on to post or comment.


Dotty said...

Posting at 3:51 am means your not sleeping or you have some things on your mind. I should know, I am often up at the same time.

My goals for 2009 are no where near as ambitious as yours, or Michelle's. Living in Florida has its advantages in the workout routine that is for sure.

I am going to try to learn how to swim. I have always wanted to learn and I have taken lessons many times, but without success.

Gene got me a wonderful new quilting machine for Christmas. I am taking lessons starting Tuesday, so that I can use the machine to it's fullest capacity. I plan to make quilts for all of my grandchildren and then for our cottage and then who knows.

I am going to make prayer shawls for our parish ministry. I also want to find somewhere I can volunteer once a month. I want to do good deeds for others.

I want to get my back healed. I am very tired of not being able to ride bike, walk, do pilates or anythng else. It has been over a year now and I have had enough. I am sick of wearing a back brace all the time.
In an effort to accomplish this, I am seeing a spin specialist and working with a new physical therapist.

Other things I have worked on and continue to work on are

Drinking more water
Taking my vitamin's and drinking my Xango
Praying every night before I go to bed
Being thankful for what I have
Eating better
Being ok about not doing everythig perfect
Try to find friends that have similar interests
Work at not being so loneley and get myself out of my down times

So there they are, some of the things I would like to accomplish this year, or at least keep working on.

Amber Cullum said...

Well I hope to post a few on my own blog eventually, but one is to take a class to learn how to best use our camera. Thanks again, we love it!!!

Sandy said...

wow- that's quite a list! I like that you have a mix of physical, creative/artistic and spiritual goals. I love the quilts you've already made for Prema & Isaac - I hope you get much enjoyment and satifaction as you work on the upcoming ones.

I'll try to post on the blog a resource that might help with the swimming. I'm glad that you're not giving up on it.

You have some pretty huge emotional/spiritual goals in your list of one-liners - some that have been challenging life-long curriculums/disciplines for me - particularly being thankful for what I have, accepting who I am and how I perform (or don't perform:-)and choosing life in the midst of loneliness or rejection. May you find grace & help as you work on those things.

Sandy said...


The college campus around the corner from our house advertises photograpy classes for adults almost every semester. Learning photography is one of the things on my bucket list also, though up to this point it's never moved high enough for me to push something else out of the time slot to do it...sigh