Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Show of hands

How many here think that most people out there have one of the following run through their head when they see you riding your bike to work:
1. That person must have been a drunk driver who got their license taken away or
2. That person must be poor and not able to afford car/insurance/gas


i think i get this vibe a lot...maybe its because i look like a wanker and not a cool biker

Below are pics of new fixed gear.


Sam said...

I would think you were drunk.

I think people usually think (or at least say) that I am either

1) "an F'in' fag or
2) a "dumbass"

Nice ride bro. Looking forward to tearing up some trails with ya.

Steve Cullum said...

I haven't gotten down with any cycling-specific clothing yet, so I'm sure I get the same vibe. In the MS, people don't generally give me much room (even on wide roads with loads of it). I'd guess it's fair to say that they don't think bikes belong on the road.

I love the new ride, the all black is sweet. What is it? How's riding a fixie? If/when I get a newer bike, the one I'm on now will probably get converted.

amber said...

Love the post. Don't worry Kyle, I am more likely to get arrested for drunk driving on my bike than in my car. I'm all over the place

Kyle Cullum said...

Haven't rode it in fixed yet, am waiting till I have time to get somewhere empty to practice so I don't kill myself on the road
Its made of all generic stuff purchased wholesale from the factory, you know one of the ones in china that makes the standard gear for everybody.

Nate Youngblood said...

Sweet! I've been rocking a single speed all spring and summer and I love it...I too have not yet converted to fixie, but I keep thinking about it. Soon you too will have the satisfaction of blowing past wankers on their multi-speed machines. Let me know how you like riding fixie, you might inspire me to switch mine over.

Sandy said...

In the past I would have thought you were likely post DUI commuting, seeing you at your commute hours, with your "wanker" clothes and back-pack, but now, I might think you were in a "I'm fed up with the politics of gas prices, I'm riding my bike" mode.

You could plaster a "Save the planet - Bike to Work" sticker on your backpack and THEN see what new gestures & epithets come your way.

Your bike felt like a tank when I did a test lift the other day, after all these months of riding my roadie. Is it heavier than the Marin?